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Tilly's Tree begins on a blustery spring day with the birth of a baby girl. "To honor her life and teach her to connect with all living things, Grandpa planted a tree." Tilly and her tree grow through life together. Through Grandpa, Tilly learns to have compassion for all living things. One day, Tilly arrives home from school to find her Mom waiting for her under her tree. Mom shares the sad news that Grandpa has passed on. Together, they find comfort under Tilly's tree.

The Author

Patricia Ann Marshall has been an elementary public school teacher in the United States for the past twenty years. She is most grateful to have been on the receiving end of the greatest lessons from her students. Patricia recognizes that while we educate the minds of our children, we must place a greater emphasis on opening their hearts. Through her writing, Patricia hopes to illustrate that joy comes from the recognition that the "knowing" we seek lies in the quiet and still places within each of us.

Her passions are to continuing her personal growth through meditation and sharing her experiences through her writing. Patricia writes daily in a gratitude journal. She loves spending time with her dogs, taking photographs, sewing quilts, and working in the garden. Patricia enjoys drinking tea and sharing the joys of the journey with her family and friends.

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  • 9/2/2014 - Soft Launch of book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press
  • 8/24/2014 - The book has gone to the presses!

"Tilly stood in silence under the loving branches of her tree. She closed her eyes and saw herself as a child there. She heard Grandpa's voice in the rustling leaves and felt his gentle kiss through the breeze on her cheek. Tilly heard the sound of her own laughter swirling through the branches above. She remembered the hours of quiet and stillness and those miraculous moments when she was awakened with an understanding that she was a part of everything that existed in the world. Tilly's heart opened wide from all the love and sacred gifts that had been shared under her special tree."